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Private consultation by Email
24 hours answer to your burning question right through your Email - $40.00
What we need? Your birth information: first and last name, data, time, year and place of birth. Your time of birth you will find on your birth certificate. If you do not have exact time, we will convert your rising sign to your Sun sign and we still have accurate information, but keep in mind that with  exact time, the horoscope is more accurate. Please, be detailed and explain what exactly your problem is. You will receive answer to one question only.

Now, write your question and send it to:
Then pay, as you press the button”Add to the cart”

For private consultation: (773) 572-4596, (773)414-9756 or send your request to schedule on appointment to:

1. This month only: Love horoscope - $50.00
Monthly Promotion
What type of partners do you attract and why? When is the best time to meet your future partner, find new love or get married? One person only.

2. Birth Chart Analysis - $80.00
Analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the character and opportunity for development and growth.

3. Full horoscope reading - $150.00
It covers birth chart analysis as well as all areas of interests - love, business, health, etc. This horoscope looks at all the aspects of the transiting planets, what will happen in the next year, based on the transits, progressed chart and solar return method.

4. One year horoscope - $100.00
This horoscope covers current transiting planets with emphasis on major events for the year ahead. It defines the best time for action, and how to overcome or avoid possible difficulties.

5. Professional or business horoscope - $80.00
This consultation defines your strengths. Clients learn about the best career choices that match their personality based on their charts. It helps to find your own life mission. The horoscope shows the opportunity for financial freedom and prosperity. It defines the best time to start a new business, sign contract or find the job you are looking for.

6. Compatibility horoscope - $100.00
It compares the birth charts of two people: between men and women or business partners. Defines what brings them together, what are their similarities and differences. What is the possibility for harmony or conflict, how long the relationship will last and how to solve relationship’s problem.

7. Relocation, Traveling, Moving, Immigration or Legal issues - $80.00
Which city or country promises you success or failure?
When is the best time for vacation or moving?
When is the right time to start legal cases, to overcome international or law problems.

8. Horoscope for your health - $50.00
Defines health problems that may occur during the life spin, inclination toward diseases. Draws the best time for surgery and when to start a diet. When is the best time to drop bad habits, as smoking, alcohol or gambling addiction?

9. Dreams analysis - $40.00
What moves your mind? What is the message your subconscious mind is trying to send you? Where do your dreams lead you? Discuss them and decode the hidden message that holds the answers to your provocative question.

What to expect from the consultation:
Consultations with Astrogita represent a psychological session, based on astrology - birth chart and planet’s transits trough the zodiac.
Each consultation ranges between 50 - 60 minutes, depending on the questions discussed. The experience varies between entertainment and learning astrology; how it influences one’s life and psychotherapy. Soothing music and herb tea during the reading session assist the healing process. The consultation is based on the person’s birth chart. Psychological astrology leads the client to his own decision, which comes from his/her heart or personal values. The consultations are a combination of astrology, psychology, psychotherapy and art therapy. During sessions, clients receive knowledge and spiritual wisdom, as they discuss their problems, and analyze their situation to define measures to solve their problems. Finally, clients receive encouragement and support; with the clear picture they have drawn on their own. People say they feel relieved, satisfied and able to move to the next step in their life.